Technology Does Not Manage Itself!

Yes, we solve problems.  But, we are more than that...we're problem preventers.   Ideally, we are involved from the beginning, monitoring and managing your systems 24/7-- anticipating and resolving issues before they become problems. It’s preventive care, and it’s the most cost-effective, efficient way to manage your technology. That said, we understand that sometimes it’s simply too late to prevent problems. Rest assured, we can take care of all issues at that point – correcting, reconfiguring, repairing, replacing and updating as needed.

Our goal is more action and less reaction.  That is the goal.  We offer customized comprehensive plans designed to match your needs and budget.

Free Systems Audit

We typically start with a complete and thorough systems examination.  Our equipment will monitor and track all activities in your network.  Then we provide a customize plan to monitor, maintain and manage your systems.

Predictable Budgeting

You you can plan your business knowing future costs.  A monthly flat rate for comprehensive IT services help you accurately predict yearly IT costs.  

Your Team

A team will be assembled and assigned to your account so you speak with member of the same support staff.  It starts with your dedicated account manager.


Our technicians have advanced certifications that include Microsoft, VMware, Fortinet and Cisco.

Remote Monitoring

Our 24X7 monitoring of your system assures you that we are on top of any situation.  We can access and rectify most potential problems remotely.

Help Desk

Conexio provides a dedicated toll-free phone number to your business that gives your employees access to a team of professionals available to assist in solving and managing all your computing problems 24 x 7.

Conexio's focus is on protecting investments that our customers have already made in systems and enhancing those systems through technology to increase business effectiveness and opportunity. 

Certified Experts

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • VMware
  • Fortinet
  • Computer Technology Industry Association