More than ever the demands on your business to share applications and data are on the increase. Your Network needs to be able to cope with these demands as well as being flexible and resilient. "

Our in-house engineering and consulting teams are highly skilled and accredited with many years practical experience of implementing and supporting IT systems across a broad range of industries and environments. Whether you need a simple DSL/ADSL connection or a complex multisite solution we can design and implement a solution that will be cost effective and meet all your current and future needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Network Design and Documentation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • LAN Networking
  • Infrastructure Health Checks & Upgrades
  • Network Testing
  • Bridging & Firewalls
  • Network Security


IT Health Assessment

Many of our clients start by having us perform an assessment of their network.  Assessments often include:

  • Network & Internet Connectivity
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Backup, Resilience and Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Software Versions and Patch Levels